Content Creation In Naija; More Content, Less Creativity?

Content Creation

Looking back over the years, you can see how Nigerians have completely embraced the internet age. They realized how much of an untapped source it was. It was a gold mine staring right into our faces. 


The sad thing with gold mines is once they are discovered, everybody wants a piece of it. Every single person wants a piece of the action. And this is exactly what is happening today in content creation. 


A few years back, no one even knew what content creation was but now, it seems like every IG or Twitter user wants to create content. 


Every tom, dick, and Harry with a phone, a camera, and internet connection wants to make videos, write stories, and upload. 


It would have been bearable if the content was top notch but sadly it is not. The implication of novices and near talentless people diving into content creation is– utter disaster. We are being fed uncreative, mediocre, and suffocating content to say the least.

Content Creation

The worst part is that new creators keep springing up every day like weeds on a farm. Out of 10 creators that spring up out of the blues, only 1 knows their beans. 


There’s so much content available but no true creativity. This is why original content creators will always be revered. Because what we have today is the absolute ghetto.


If you look at the comedy industry today, you would wish for the days when stand-up comedy was the only way comedians could make money. Because if you can’t make the audience laugh, that’s the end of your career. 


We have moved from stand-up comedy days to skit-maker days. I must say, it is a massive downgrade. 


The internet has blessed every delusional person who thinks they have comedic skills with an audience and a platform. I can’t count the number of times I’ve watched a “skit” and nearly gouged my eyes out. 

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It’s quite sad we have moved from the age of pure undiluted comedy to skits revolving around violence, and the sexual objectification of women. No comedy, just sexual jokes, and vibes. It’s disgusting. 

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