Destination Santorini

Destination Santorini

A city birth from the ruins of a volcanic eruption in 1650 B.C. – Santorini is believed to be the real home of the mythological lost city of Atlantis. 


Santorini or Thera is a little place we like to call honeymoon island. It’s marked by pristine blue skies paired with crystal blue seas, colourful beach sands, and heart-melting scenery, this island on the Aegean sea is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind. 


This not-so-little croissant-shaped island is situated roughly between Athens and Crete. Thousands of years ago a volcanic eruption caused the center of this island to sink leaving behind today’s exquisite landscape (calderas with towering cliffs sliding down to sea level)which Santorini is famous for. 


Each part of Santorini is famous for one thing. The city’s very busy capital, Fira, is the embodiment of Santorini’s breathtaking landscape–with ethereal views over the multi-coloured cliffs and caldera edge. Also paired with these views is the less alluring spectacle of hustling and bustling pedestrians on too few pavements and roads. 


Fira goes up North and gives way to Firostefani and Imerovigli. Both villages are filled with beautiful terraces, whitewashed buildings, and hotels. 


Also part of the North coast spectacle is the stunning village of Oia, which is built on the caldera’s steep slope. And holds the majority of the island’s beauty since the earthquake.

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The east coast is the least popular of the bunch. It’s situated on the caldera heights that slide right down to the sea level. It’s marked by its black sand beaches and beautiful resorts which offer a different experience from the rest of the coasts.


On the list of activities and places to definitely check out if you do decide to join the bandwagon and head on to Santorini is; 


  • The Museum of Prehistoric Thera – this museum holds an exquisite collection of dug-up finds from Akrotiri, fossilized olive leaves, wall paintings, and ceramics. 
  • The Old Port, aka Fira Skala – offers a dashing view of the caldera and it’s lined with taverns, small shops, and restaurants. 
  • CineKamari – An amazing outdoor/open air, tree-surrounded cinema. One of the best ways to enjoy an evening in Santorini. 
  • Wine tasting – numerous vineyards host a wine tasting of Santorini’s unfortified dessert wine, Vinsanto. Along with the wine is served some local produce, food and of course beautiful scenery. 
  • The Lost Atlantis 9D experience – if ancient mythology and ancient history excite you then this museum dedicated to the myth of Atlantis is an experience you mustn’t miss. 
  • Tour of Akrotiri – Akrotiri is one of the greatest archaeological sites of Greece. The ancient settlement of Akrotiri displays the beauty and charm of a past world destroyed by the volcano. 


Of course, there is so much more to see in Santorini, as it’s packed with endless activities and beautiful locations. 


If you hope to enjoy every bit of joy Santorini offers then you must certainly be ready to splurge. After all, the exotic things in life are not cheap. 


To enjoy the best views and the full Santorini experience, some hotels to consider staying in are– the OIA Spirit Boutique Residences, Athina Luxury suites, Andronis Concept Wellness Resort, and Katikies Santorini. 


And if you are looking to have as much fun on a budget – the Villa Manos, Rocabella Santorini, Ambience Suites, and Phaos Santorini Suites are fantastic options. 


There is no doubt that you will certainly have the best time of your life on this Island, whether you’re a honeymooner or a lone traveler.

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