Destination Zanzibar: The Perfect Getaway

Beautiful, peaceful, serene paradise– Zanzibar, Tanzania. A jewel in the lap of Africa, it is called. 

There’s no surprise as to why thousands of people troop in and out of this beautiful island every month.  

Before moving on let’s share some background info on destination Zanzibar. 

Zanzibar is an archipelago, meaning it is an area that contains a chain or group of islands scattered in lakes, rivers, or the ocean. So Zanzibar isn’t just one big island, it is a coalition of numerous small islands and two big ones. 

The main island- Unguja is what we call Zanzibar and then there is Pemba island. The other small islands are Prison Island, Bawe Island, Chapwani Island, Chumbe Island, Mnemba Island, and Misali Island. 

Asides from the beaches, a major tourist attraction in Zanzibar is Stone Town. 

This little town reflects medieval charm fused with the essence of numerous cultures. Stone town has been home to Indians, Europeans, Arabs, and Africans. Each of these cultures plays a major role in what the town is today. 

If you are in Zanzibar or plan on visiting, here are some famous and amazing spots in Stone town you must see: 

  • Forodhani Gardens Food Market
  • The Prison island (it has giant tortoises) 
  • Cheetah’s Rock
  • The Old Fort 
  • Palace Museum 
  • Africa house hotel

There are a ton of amazing locations in stone town but these deserve a notary mention. If you love food and want to experience the vastness of Zanzibar’s cuisine then your hotspot should be the Forodhani Gardens Food Market. 

This market is set up at the seafront and displays an array of foods from meat kebabs, grilled cassava, fish, fresh fruits, coconut bread, chunky sweet potato, roasted corn, and garlic chapati. The roasted corn is sure to remind you of Nigeria. 

If you enjoy taking quiet peaceful strolls while exploring old ruins and what’s left of an old fortress, then you must see The Old Fort. It’s a great place to take amazing pictures of the clear blue sky. 

What could be more romantic than enjoying drinks with your partner while watching the sunrise? Okay, there are more romantic things but at Zanzibar, this is one of the most romantic. 

Watching the sunset from the rooftop terrace in the Africa House hotel is something you shouldn’t miss out on in Zanzibar. It is a little pricey but when you think about it, you can’t put a price tag on nature’s beauty. It’s invaluable. 

Now to the star of the show, the Islands. Every one of the beaches or Islands in Zanzibar are a sight to behold. 

With turquoise blue, and pristine waters the islands in and around Zanzibar are simply a beauty to behold. Asides from their blinding beauty, the beaches are also great for diving, and snorkeling. The shallow-water reefs are fresh and home to turtles, rare birds, and over 300 fish species. 

If you are seeking some privacy, Pemba island is your go-to island. It is separated from the rest of Zanzibar’s crowded islands. Other beautiful things to see in Pemba are the small fishing villages, wild coastline, and historic ruins. 

When it comes to accommodation, Zanzibar has a vast array of choices for those on a budget or those looking to splurge. Tembo House Hotel, The Seyyida Hotel & Spa, Coral Rock Hotel, and RasNungwi Beach Hotel are great options for those looking to splurge. 

For those on a budget, the Swahili House, Kisiwa house, and Jambo Guest House are great places to stay at. These hotels and guest houses are located by the Indian Ocean, so you get to wake up and go to sleep with a beautiful view. 

There are also several restaurants to treat your taste buds to. These restaurants feature a range of cuisines from Portuguese to Chinese, Italian, Indian, Bantu and so much more. 

The islands, amazing local attractions, pristine waters, mouth-watering local cuisine, and beautiful resorts make Zanzibar a major location on everyone’s travel list. If you are searching for a great location to relax, rejuvenate and even propose, Zanzibar is definitely the location.

It is one of the most romantic, if not the most romantic islands in Africa. There’s no better place to spend your time and money than at the jewel in the lap of Africa. So grab your passport, fill out that tourist visa application and get ready to have the time of your life. 

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