Weather For Two – A Side Effect or Remedy To The Rainy Season

Weather For Two

While the rest of the world is enjoying the summer, sunbathing, and getting tanned. Nigerians on the other hand are swimming and getting drenched. This is because it is raining cats and dogs over here. 


Now the rainy season isn’t all that bad, the weather is cold, no more scorching sun and it’s a great excuse to skip work. But, tagging along with the rainy season comes a highly feared enemy. “Konji”. 


Konji or horniness is an enemy that every single(not in a relationship) person fears and this enemy happens to be at its strongest during the rainy season.  


And in a bid to find a solution to this problem, the term “weather for two” was coined. Nigerians found a way to solve a problem and catch cruise at the same time. 


So what does the “weather for two” symbolize? What exactly does it mean?Weather for two

Simply put, the rainy season is the weather for two. It means enjoying the weather with another person other than yourself. 


Due to the harsh winds, cold weather, dark clouds, and thundering skies, people prefer not to be alone at this moment. The dark gloomy weather is best enjoyed with a significant or sometimes insignificant other. 


Everybody wants to have somebody with them in “za oza room”. Or someone in the house at the very least. 

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So it has now become a tradition that when it rains, nearly everyone especially the ladies starts to pack a small getaway bag. And zoom off to where they shall enjoy the “weather for two”.  


It is alleged that this is a very trying period for single people(not all). As they don’t have “the capacity” to participate and enjoy the weather for two. In their case, it is the weather for one. 


The term weather for two has been around for quite some time and, surprisingly, it’s still yet to lose its relevance. I remember hearing this term in my secondary school days, which was nearly 7 years ago. 


Personally, I don’t understand the hype or the desperation to enjoy the weather with someone else. The rainy season is just like any other weather. Except “when it rains, it pours”.

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